Zeumo gives you a more efficient and effective way to communicate with any employee, group, specialty, or department

Streamline communications

Fax blasts. Email. SMS. Electronic newsletters. Employee portals. Digital Bulletin Boards. How many different platforms are you using to communicate with your staff?

Fragmented internal communication results in lost productivity, distrust, and disengagement

Communicate more effectively

Zeumo gives your hospital a highly customizable platform that leverages the best of mobile-social technology to reach your physicians and staff where they are, in real time.

9 out of 10 healthcare providers use smartphones in their daily practice.

Enhance physician affinity, productivity and engagement

Organizations with high physician engagement receive higher revenue and earnings per admission and per patient day, increased referrals, and reduced recruiting costs.

Multiple studies have found that one of the best ways to increase physician engagement is developing clear and efficient communication channels.

Average annual inpatient revenue contribution per-physician based on engagement levels.

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